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Submitted on
March 6, 2009


  • Mood: Spidey Sense
  • Reading: 1984
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Do you wear shoes in the house?

And I don't mean like bunny slippers or anything, I'm talking about just waltzing in there with your sneakers still on.

Also, are you asian.

I wanna know how many non-asians take off their shoes in the house because

I just do

I get curious
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Miss-Moonstruck Mar 18, 2009
Oh man your title reminded me of this [link]
hahah holy shit
Miss-Moonstruck Mar 19, 2009
I know right lol
I'm half asian and I do not wear shoes inside the house
Wow, this has so many responses. And uh. Here's mine.

Wearing shoes indoors is just wrong o Ao
In my flat, I have this little entry hallway where everyone MUST take their shoes off.
Everyone except my mum and dad, whyyyy.
My dad is worse, he works on a poultry farm so he has like.. chicken crap on his shoes.
And he even puts his shoes on my sofa /angry faceee D<
I wear shoes indoors if I'm LEAVING. And if I have to pop in and my shoes aren't dirty, I keep 'em on. But that's it.
Augh, I went to a friend's house once and I took my shoes off 'cause.. You're supposed to, right?
They didn't take theirs off.
They didn't say anything to me but I was like - A- the whole time 'cause I refused to put my shoes back on.
So uncomfortable. It's wroooooog, man. Shoes outside!
And uhh. I'm Scottish. In Scotland C:
chaotix-shadow-fan Mar 12, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
I'm not asian, and i don't wear shoes inside the house.

I think it's gross D:
I'm not asian and I never wear shoes inside the house. =0 I even take them off when I'm in class. (that's actually not common, but some people do it)
why i wonder what caused this question hrmmmm

ahahaha i take off shoes always and wear INSIDE SHOES!! (slippers, or washed flip flops, but if they touch outside im not supposed to bring them back in
-__-) also not that much of my house is carpeted


and i am so not asian. I'm the most un-asian kid.
haha I actually made this like the day before Haut lectured on it, I lol'd heartily

you are not a true azn

also I have your jacket
Azumizai Mar 11, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not asian...I take off my shoes. It's icky. But I will put on my shoes in my room in the early morning and DASH OUT OF THE HOUSE IN A MAD DASH OF CRAZY "OMGWTFIAMLATTEEE"

But other than that. No. I do not wear shoes inside the house. We leave them on the shoe-rack.
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